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The Natural Brain Repair Solution Kit

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Email Creative

Subject Line: Concerned About Brain Health?

Take This Quiz To See If You Know What to Eat… 
And What NOT to Eat!
Dear Fellow Health Enthusiast,
If you’re concerned about memory loss, increasing forgetfulness, foggy thinking, and possibly even devastating diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s…this quiz could help save your brain.
So please take thirty seconds and read every word of this email.
With your permission, I’m going to show you that the foods you choose to eat have a profound effect on the health of your brain. And it’s not always obvious which foods are good for your brain…and which foods cause confusion, “brain fog”, and forgetfulness.
Take this quick quiz and ask yourself…which of these foods is actually good for your brain?
Click Here to Find Out
If you picked number 3 (the bread), you were right!

This is Ezekiel 4:9 bread. And while most bread is a no-no for good brain health, here’s why Ezekiel 4:9 bread is good for your brain…

Ezekiel bread, as it is commonly known, is a unique combination of grains and legumes. Which makes it radically different from all the other breads you’ll find in the grocery store.
Here are some of its advantages:
  • Increased vitamin C, vitamin B, and amino acids
  • It’s a great source of complete protein. In fact, it’s rated 84.3% efficient as a source of protein-comparable to milk or eggs
  • Because of the unique way it’s made, it’s more digestible than ordinary bread
The presence of these powerful antioxidants – and the absence of processed flour and sugar – gives Ezekiel bread its miraculous brain fortifying qualities.
Now, a quiz that’s a little more challenging…
Which of the following foods are the five absolute worst foods for your brain? Choose carefully…the answers may surprise you.
You’ll find the answers to that question in this informative video from medical researcher Joe Barton (click here).  While the video is based on scientific studies, it’s easy to understand, takes just a few minutes, and answers another great question – can you…
Eat Your Way To A Better Memory?
The good news is you don’t need dangerous and expensive drugs to improve your memory. You can make a significant impact on the health of your brain, and improve your memory, based purely on what you eat.
With just a few simple, surprising, and easy changes to your diet… you could be well on your way to sharper focus, better recall, and good brain health.
This may be the easiest way ever to spare yourself those embarrassing moments when you can’t remember the simplest things.
This video is especially important for you if you experience any of the following symptoms:
  • Frequently forget names
  • Can’t remember why you walked into a room
  • Forget where you put your car keys or where you parked your car
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty making decisions

These may be the early signs of deteriorating brain health. And the answer to this potentially dangerous problem could be as simple as what’s on your plate for any given meal.

Watch this video right now (click here) and learn how to choose foods that improve your brain health…instead of destroying it.

Subject Line: 5 Toxic Foods That Destroy Your Memory…

You may think memory loss just comes with age…

I say it’s probably something you ate.

Do yourself a favor and pay extra close attention to what I say next…

Because I’m about to help you restore your fading memory…and hand you the secrets to supercharging your brain that you can use for the rest of your life…

And it all begins by avoiding 5 common foods.

First let me ask you 3 quick but serious questions…

  • Ever forget people’s names…or why you walked into a room?
  • Do you sometimes have trouble concentrating…or staying focused?
  • Do you ever feel like it’s hard to think because your brain is too foggy?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions – don’t panic, so do most people…everybody has “senior moments.”

But did you know the problem might not be your noggin at all? It could be something you ate…

So before you have another meal or snack, you better be sure you aren’t poisoning your brain and destroying your memory with food.

If the suspense is killing you just click here now to see the 5 WORST foods for your brain.

Because these 5, commonly-eaten foods are what you find every day in the typical American diet…they’re almost impossible to avoid because they’re everywhere you look. Yet…

These Foods are TOXIC to Your Brain and Body

The more you eat these foods…you begin to notice you can’t remember facts or details as quickly or clearly… you struggle to recall the name of an actor…or someone you’ve met before (or even just met)…and you waste time – irritated because you can’t find your keys or other “thingamajigs” or “whatchamacallits”.

Each time this happens it brings you a little deeper into the world of embarrassing “senior moments” that can make you feel foolish and appear senile and elderly long before your time.

How do you stay out of this brain-numbing vortex?

You start by avoiding memory-killing foods-and choose a surprising, sweet treat to snack on instead.

To really get you going, I’ve prepared a special FREE video presentation just for you…it tells you all about the foods that rot your mind, but that’s not even the half of what you’ll discover…

From ancient times comes a powerful brain enhancement secret

Here’s what else you’ll find in this incredible presentation:

  • A 6,000 year-old remedy has the power to restore your memory and learning abilities to a time when you were decades younger.
  • The simple, 10-second technique you can use right now – and do anywhere that can instantly make you feel sharper and more focused. Click here to try it out right now!
  • How to naturally and effectively stop those embarrassing “senior moments” and end your risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease

Simple, safe, effective…and NO prescription drugs

In this special video presentation I’ll tell you about these 3 easy and best of all 100% natural solutions – plus many more – that can dramatically boost your memory…help you learn new things more quickly…and improve your concentration so you get more done in less time. All with ZERO drugs and ZERO side effects…is that something that would interest you?


Because I’m also going to tell you how to do something that’s even more important: slash your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia! After all, if you’re experiencing memory problems, trouble concentrating, and those aggravating “senior moments” more often than you’d like (and really, isn’t once more often than you’d like?) you could be on your way to more serious mental decline.

But not if you take the necessary steps to stop it right now! Just click here to discover these amazingly simple and effective remedies that can give you a powerful memory and better focus-while preventing devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Here’s to keeping your brain forever young!

Yours for excellent mental health,


P.S. These simple yet powerful remedies are scientifically proven…reviewed and approved – backed by clinical studies. And they’re guaranteed to work for you. So what are you waiting for? A more powerful memory can be yours when you click here now – before you have another meal with any (or all) of the 5 WORST foods you can eat for your brain. You won’t want to miss this mind-enhancing information!