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The Kidney Stone Removal Report

Getting Started:

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Email Creative

Subject Line: Kidney Stones Melt Away Painlessly

My mom called me frantically after her visit to the chiropractor saying “JOE! You’ve got to hear about this crazy kidney stone remedy my chiropractor used to dissolve his kidney stones!”

I jumped to my feet because I knew kidney stones can be more painful than childbirth.

“Tell me more, Ma!!”

She went on…

  • “It’s only two ingredients you can find at ANY grocery store…
  • “It works within a couple hours…
  • “It’s used by thousands of people every year…
  • “It can save you expensive trips to the emergency room…

“MA!!” I shouted into the phone… “JUST TELL ME WHAT IT IS!!”

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They literally flush out your body like little balls of melted butter…


Yours truly,



P.S. Melting away kidney stones with a home remedy might sound too good to be true. But it’s not, if you have the most common type of kidney stone (calcium oxylate). Disintegrate them by clicking here now.