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Scabies Natural Remedy Report

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Email Creative

Subject Line: Scabies relief

G’day, mate!

I have some good news about eliminating scabies…

Scabies are bugs that crawl under your skin and wreak havoc to anyone who has the misfortune of hosting them.

And boy let me tell you… If you don’t know how to fight them properly, they will spread like wildfire and cause an itch worse than a feral dog infested with fleas.

These nasty little scabies bugs infect as much territory as they possibly can, feasting off the nutrients found inside your skin.

And there’s only 1 way to naturally get rid of scabies…

The remedy was discovered in the oil of a common Australian shrub.

Scabies bugs cannot survive when they come into contact with this all natural weapon of mass-scabies destruction…

Click here to discover the best home remedy for scabies!

It works fast and smells pretty good too.

Yours truly,



P.S. Scabies can NOT survive when you apply this Australian home remedy to your skin.